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Posted by KHA on Feb 18, 2019
Hello Facebook:

I hope this email finds you well.

I am writing today to request that my account page be reconsidered for verification, either with the blue or grey check mark.
Since 2015, my social media presence has significantly increased along with my notability.  My page is now a business account on Facebook as well as on Instagram.
Also, in the past couple of years, I have seen an increase in pages and profiles that have been impersonating me, and also infringing on my name which has been copyrighted as KHA.  I can provide evidence of this USPTO registered trademark, if that is helpful.  Please let me know.

In particular, I noticed this account this morning after this person liked my KHA page (, and I reported it as a fake account that is impersonating me -  Also, there are a number of other pages with KHA or Kha in their profile name, and I would just like to ensure that my fans know they've found the correct verified account when they search for me and see the blue or grey check mark.  Here are the pages that I'm referring to:

Lastly, regarding the issue of notability, I've seen a number of pages that have blue verified check marks for people who are not as established as I am.  Here is one example for your reference -

Thank you for taking the time to revisit my request, Charles.  I greatly look forward to your reply, and would be happy to provide any additional information that's required.

Kind regards,

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